Curriculum Vitae


-2013 -- Ph.D. University of British Columbia, BC, Canada
-2008 -- M.Sc. McGill University, QC, Canada
-2005 -- B.Sc. McGill University, QC, Canada

Current Position:

-2019-current: Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico.

Past Position:

-2015-2019: Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University.
-2012-2015 : W.M. Keck Institute for Space Studies Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech.

Popular Science:

- My work on Dark Acoustic Oscillations in the New Scientist magazine.
- Article on the Hubble tension in The Atlantic magazine.
- Short article about our work on neutrinos in the Physics Magazine.
- My review of Peebles' book "Cosmology's Century" in Physics Today.
- A Popular Mechanics article on our work about the Mirror World.
- UNM press release about our work on the Mirror World.

Conference Organization:

-Dark Matter in Southern California II (DAMASC II)
-Dark Matter in Southern California III (DAMASC III)